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5 Shoes For Every Man's Wardrobe | Kim Well Fashion

Its time to flex that foot muscle and with these types of shoes, you have every reason.


These are by far the most popular shoes in existence and they belong in every gent’s closet. They are identified by their closed lacing system. They feature a low heel and a short back creating a neat appearance. From weddings, job interviews, dates and black-tie events, an oxford can get you through any occasion.

Tennis shoes / Sneakers

Tennis shoes have been around for the longest time. They were first made with canvas but they have evolved and being made of a leather upper. They are most suitable for a good casual look that looks effortless while paired with a good pair of jeans, leather jacket and a t-shirt.

Chukka Boots

With a strong sport and military history, chukka boots have become very popular and are a must-won for every man. They are simple yet stylish and looks well put with a nice pair of khakis or denim.

They can be suitable for a formal occasion or anything pretty casual. The chukka boots can be either made with suede or leather material, providing versatility.

Double-monk Strap

Featuring a strap across the top and a buckle (or two), the Monk strap shoes began to pop in 1900s in England and quickly became an integral part of men’s dress shoes. The two straps are a more modern interpretation of this classic shoe and makes the shoe look more balanced overall. They are definitely catchy a they spell out class and sophistication.

You can flex a lot of your creativity as you can get different types of buckles to suit your style.

Dress Boots

These boots feature laces down the front and finish above the ankle. They perfectly partner with your casual evening wear or stylish weekend outfits. They look best while color coordinated with your outfit for a seamless style.

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