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Fashion Styles Ideas For Leather Shoes | Kim Well Fashion

While your clothes are naturally a major part of how you present yourself, shoes are equally as important! Pulling a polished appearance is a valuable life skill that every gent should possess in his arsenal. Leather shoes are your go to in whatever event, that job interview, important work meeting and can pass for a date. You want to nail your foot wear choices which is crucial in projecting the right image.


The suit with the leather shoes doesn’t have to be treated like the business accomplice it’s always been as there are fun ways to put that together. For the man that is unjustly scared of color, stick to earthy colors of deep greens and dark browns which are flattering for most skin tones. Pick a shoe color that complements your socks and the outfit for a seamless look.


This is where the fun resides as you only need to throw in some nice jeans or bold khaki pants for your top and leather shoes. Select fun ensembles, accessorize for the pizzazz and finish off the look with some nice perfume. Indulge in some color as it is timeless.


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