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How To Care For Your Bespoke Leather Footwear | Kim Well Fashion


These tanned skins are authentic, infrangible and very stylish. Despite being tough natural materials, they demand that you show some love and look after them accordingly and they’ll pass the test of time.

We would wager that majority of your shoes are made of varying types of leather. We take delight in enlightening you on the smooth shiny leather care techniques. Arguably, the first and most important step is keeping your shoes clean. The method changes depending on the type of leather your shoes are crafted from.


Unlace your shoes, wipe down the leather with a soft dry rag to remove dust.


Just like your skin, leather shoes need a moisturizer as they get dry. A leather conditioner comes in handy. Evenly buff a small amount of leather conditioner into the leather with your fingers until there is no visible build up left. Wipe off any excess with a dry clean cloth.

A neutral conditioning cream is convenient and can be used on all your leather shoes and a color-matched cream will help cover small scratches, scrapes and scuffs and brings back the shoes to their full hue.

Allow to air dry then buff with a clean cloth or paper towel.


Apply a thin layer of neutral or color-matched shoe polish. Use a shoeshine brush to buff the leather for that extra shine.


Allow your leather shoes to breath. Store them in the Black Kim Well bags that comes with the shoes.
They leave the moisture to evaporate naturally and protects the shoes from gathering dust.
Keep leather away from direct sunlight since the sun speeds up the fading process. Drying and cracking up ensues if direct sunlight hits the shoes. Darker places with some humidity are preferred but ensure air flow so that mildew cannot form.
Use shoe trees to ensure your shoes maintain their shape.


If your shoes get soaked, gently towel dry the outside and place newspaper on the inside to help soak up of the excess moisture.
Speed drying (Sun/heat) damages its appearance and we discourage that.

We know you love second chances and guess what else would love that? You guessed right, your leather shoes! Once you are done living your best life with your shoes, you can bring them back to the factory where we can refurbish them, and you will go home with a ‘brand-new’ looking pair at a discounted price. We highly recommend.

Feature Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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