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Monk Strap Shoes | Kim Well Fashion

In recent years, double monks have become quite popular and hence it’s about time for us to discuss the monk strap dress shoe.

The monk strap is an intermediate formal shoe that’s incredibly versatile. In fact, one could argue it is one of the most versatile dress shoes, as it pairs well with casual, business casual, and less formal business attire such as blazers, tweeds, navy and grey suits. Because it is classic yet unusual, monk straps are popular amongst well-dressed men.

Traditionally, the single monk strap was the only shoe around until the double monk strap made an appearance. With the popularity of two buckled shoes, some designers have adopted unusual variations with 3 and more straps. Realistically, the 3 or more strapped shoes will likely not be anything more than a short-lived fashion that will disappear in a few years. If you want to invest in a sustainable wardrobe that can be worn 10 years from now without looking dated, then a single monk strap or a double monk strap is the way to go.

Otherwise, the monk strap is a traditionally designed, low-fitting strapped shoe with an upper that’s made from three leather pieces. To give the wearer a more comfortable fit, the monk strap uses a wider tongue compared to other shoes to help secure it around the ankle. This is needed as there are no laces used and the only fastener is the strap. With that said, double monk straps offer an additional strap, which in theory allows for a better fit — especially for smaller or narrower feet.

Monk strap buckles come in manifold shapes, thicknesses and sizes. Classic options include square, rectangular, oval and octagonal or hexagonal. Most of them are made of brass and then either chrome, or palladium-plated, but certain bespoke buckles are sometimes made of sterling silver or even solid gold. When choosing a buckle color, bear in mind that it should ideally match the hardware of your belt buckle, cufflinks, tie bar , collar pin, bag or other metal colors, though in practice you may not always be able to abide by that rule — and that’s OK as long as the overall look works.

Gada Double Monk

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